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I feel blessed to have been part of such a major part of Hartford and Pride history at the Hartford Pride Festival 2015! Thank you to everyone who came out I promise that I will be back to perform for all of my Newbians! ‪#‎LoveWins‬ (Hair by Ethics beauty supply). Please feel free to tag anyone who I missed!

So appreciative to him for having me heart emoticon But Larraine Bow I'm so thru lol!

He was shy to take the picture with me alone <3 <3

Love her <3 I meet some of the best people I swear.

I loveeeee Skittlez <3

How you doin???!! Love how we weren't gonna catch them slippin in the back haha #Ready

These beautiful ladies were awesome (one behind the camera) hope to see you guys again! <3

Let's get it! #ServingFierce <3

Met Christopher Estrada! Check him out guys :D

Awww mad that this picture came out blurry, still fabulous <3

Loved talking to him someone tag him please he's everything <3

I'm always caught mid convo lol

They were awesome <3

I'm tryna be cute for the selfie <3

His tongue ring matched my bustier lol

2015 Hartford Pride Festival

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