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                            This Kingdom is Nothing Without You 



          I feel extrememly blessed to have fans like the #NewbianTeam. Without you I would be nothing and I sincerely mean it. I have spoken to many of you and this journey is fueled by your love and support. I will never forget about this empire that WE built together. I am reaching out to you, my Newbians, to make an investment to keep this kingdom growing. Any amount is one step closer to what has now become our goal; many of you let me know that we are in this together on a daily basis. Trust that all proceeds go into what makes this the Newbian Kingdom (and not towards a shopping spree). I know you are pushing for me to win, but remember when I win we all do.  We are very close you guys, I know it. I will never turn my back on my #NewbianTeam you truly mean the world to me.



Your Newbian King 



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