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First and foremost I would like to thank god for putting me in this beautiful position. rEALIZING A TALENT OR A SKILL AND BEING ABLE TO SHARE THAT WITH THE WORLD IS TRULY A BLESSING. i WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY PARENTS sONYA MOULTRIE AND TIM COST FOR MAKING SURE THAT I AM AND WILL REMAIN A HUMBLE HUMAN BEING AND OVERALL GOOD PERSON. To my grandmother gloria cost, heaven put you on this earth to guide me with your love, support and wisdom. i cherish the fact that god keeps allowing me to be in my life every year. TO TRAVIS MCDOWELL, MICHELLE COST AND ERVIN MOULTRIE I AM BLESSED TO HAVE HAD YOU AS A TEAM OF PARENTAL GUIDANCE FOR ME. I ALWAYS SAY THAT I HAVE A TEAM OF PARENTS AND I COULDN'T BE MORE GRATEFUL for YOUR PRESENCE IN MY LIFE. TO MY SIBLINGS CANEI NEWTON, DESIREEE McDowell, TIMOTHY COST, AND TYRONE COST I LOVE YOU ALL AND i couldn't think of better people to grow up with. to my only niece jhezmari wright, boobop loves you to the end of the world and back, your youth keeps my imagination alive. TO MY amazzzing BEST FRIEND MYLES, I DRIVE YOU CRAZY majority of the time but it's only because you are the closest person to me. you have been my biggest support sytem in every aspect of my life and i would be lost without you. i get to be who i am with no regrets because you make it ok for me to be taij. as interim manager, creative director and choreographer, you make this journey feel safe and exciting all at once (p.s. We need to break up). for the family members that are no longer on this earth with me i love you to no end and will always think of you in everything i do. your spirit will forever be a part of my soul. i would also like the time to thank someone who has been in my life since high school, christian roberts, you supported me in everything i did, made sure that i progressed and celeberated my successes with me. thank you for being a man that stood behind me, though we are no longer, noone will ever be able to take that credit away from you. to all my newbians, you mean the world to me and you should know that my love for you will always grow and never diminish.   

Newbian King Written by Taija New Prod. by Jay Urban Gravestone Written By Taija New Prod. By Lexi Banks Music Group Insanity Written by Taija New Prod. By J.Dilli Thoughts of You Ft T. ReMMedy Written by Taija New T.ReMMedy Prod. by Dobe Boi Beatz Al Capone Written by Taija New Prod. By Lexi Banks Music Group No Holds Barred Written by Taija New Prod. By Glory Muzic SHABBA! Written by Taija New Prod. By Dope Boi Beatz Juxtapose Written by Taija New Prod. By Jay Urban Feels Good To Burn Ft Chris Paul Written by Taija New Prod. By Glory Muzic

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